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our snacks

- 100% freeze-dried crunchy fruits -
  • the whole world's gotta know

    Thanks so much for making these crunchy snacks! I've been telling everyone about how yummy and nutritious your freeze-dried fruits are and they are anxious to try them.

    Andrea Quintana/Frequent Buyer

  • no-Sugar all-natural non-gmo

    This is awesome. I can eat it without having to worry about my sugar intake or my hands getting sticky! Also comes in handy when I'm outdoors, riding a bike, or just stuck in traffic.

    John Monte/Frequent Buyer

  • warning highly addictive

    I'm just grateful I found these guys. The fruit flavors are very addictive and I can buy them online fast and easy in just a few clicks. From now on, this is my healthy to-go snack!

    Andres Aguerrevere/Frequent Buyer

  • Soo crunchy

    These really are tasty and crunchy. My two daughters really liked the pineapple snack and so did their friends at school!

    Allie Hollander/Frequent Buyer

our recipes

- add delicious, better-for-you flavor to every meal -

Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

PREPARATION: Thick yogurt without sugar 300 grams. Sweetener to taste 2 Isofrut....

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Always Nutritious Oatmeal + Dry Fruits

Oatmeal is a healthy super food that can always use a boost...

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Greek Yogurt + Cereal + Dry Pineapple

Cereal and yogurt make a great couple even more when adding delicious...

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Snack Platter

Having a social event and not sure what to do? Different types...

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